Bidding process:

1. Visit our Shopify store.
2. Register an account if you haven’t already. (Mandatory for participation in auction)
3. Navigate to the Auction section.
4. Select the art piece you are interested in.
5. Place your bid by entering an amount in the designated field.
6. Confirm your bid by clicking the Place Bid button.

Minimum Bid Increments:
The minimum amount by which a bid can be increased will be $50. For example, if the current
bid is $100, the next minimum bid should be $150.
Reserve Price:
Each piece has a reserve price, which is the minimum amount that the art piece will be sold for.
The reserve price will not be disclosed. If the highest bid does not meet or exceed the reserve
price, the art piece will not be sold.
Determining the Winner:
Highest Bidder: The highest bidder at the end of the 72-hour auction period will win the art
piece, provided that their bid meets or exceeds the undisclosed reserve price.
Transparency Note: A public announcement will be made on Instagram confirming that the
piece has been successfully auctioned. However, the identity of the winner will not be disclosed
to maintain privacy.
Payment and Delivery:
Acceptable Methods: Payments can be made via credit card, debit card, or Shopify Payments.
All payments must be completed within four (4) hours of winning the auction.

Payment Time Note: The four-hour window for completing payment is to expedite the
finalization of the auction and prepare the art piece for prompt delivery.

Delivery Options: The art piece will be delivered via courier. Shipping costs will apply and must
be borne by the winner. Estimated delivery times will vary based on location.
International Shipping: Please inquire about international shipping availability and costs
if you are a bidder from outside the domestic region.

Additional Notes:
Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from the auction will be resolved at the discretion of
the organizers.
Contact Information: For further inquiries, please reach us at
Note: These rules provide a basic guideline for the auction process. For a comprehensive understanding
of the auction & legal and procedural aspects, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


1. Purpose
The auction presents Alexis Díaz Archive Collection, an unparalleled assembly of artist
proofs meticulously curated by Díaz himself over the past decade. Each piece is a unique
artist proof from his various print releases, accentuated with additional hand-made
embellishments that bear testament to his diverse artistic techniques. The Archive
Collection stands not only as a retrospective of Díaz’s evolving oeuvre but also as an
investment opportunity of considerable promise. Enhanced with distinctive handcrafted
details, these rare items reveal the artist’s deeper intent, elevating each to the realm of
standalone artistry. This auction offers an unprecedented occasion for collectors to
acquire pieces of limited availability, representing a landmark moment in Alexis’s
illustrious career.
2. Organizer Details
The auction is organized by Buenos Díaz LLC, a legally recognized entity in Puerto Rico,
with its registered office in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Eligibility and Registration
1. Account CreationInterested bidders must create an account on our Shopify platform. A valid email
address and payment information are required for registration.

Bidding Process
1. Bid Submission
All bids must be submitted through the designated auction section on our Shopify
Bid Increments
The minimum bid increment is $50.

3. Reserve Price
Each art piece has a reserve price, determined through expert valuation, below which
the item will not be sold.

4. Bid Retraction
Bids are final once placed and cannot be retracted, except under exceptional
circumstances as determined by the organizer.

Winning the Auction
1. Determining the Winner

The highest bidder, whose offer meets or exceeds the reserve price, will be deemed the winner at the end of the 72-hour auction period.

2. Notifications
The winner will be notified via email within ten (10) minutes of the auction closure, in
accordance with Atlantic Standard Time (AST).

1. Payment Methods
Invoices will be sent to the winning bidder registered email address. Payments must be made via credit card, debit card, or Shopify Payments.

2. Payment Obligations
Payment is required to be completed within four (4) hours of receiving the invoice,
according to Atlantic Standard Time (AST). Failure to meet this obligation will result in
the winner forfeiting their claim to the art piece, and the organizer reserving the right to offer the piece to the next highest bidder.

3. Taxes and Fees
Additional taxes applicable will be added to the winning bid amount and are part of the
full payment obligation.
Delivery and Transfer of Ownership

1. Method and Costs
The art piece will be delivered via a reputable courier service. Shipping costs and
optional insurance are the responsibility of the winner.

2. Transfer of Ownership
Legal ownership of the art piece is transferred upon successful clearance of the payment.

Dispute Resolution
1. Mechanism
Parties agree to remediate in good faith. Failing resolution, any disputes will be settled
through binding third-party arbitration, as appointed by the organizer.

1. Amendments
The organizer reserves the right to amend these terms up to 24 hours before the
auction commences.

2. Force Majeure
The organizer is not liable for failure to perform its obligations due to external forces
beyond its control, such as natural disasters or strikes.

3. Contact Information
For further inquiries or concerns, please contact us at